Quoit Night Out Big Event

With the Philadelphia Inquirer!

July 2, 2003

The Pitching Dutchmen were lucky enough to receive some wide-spread publicity once again, this time having a reporter and a photographer from the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper in attendance.  The reporter was looking for an unusual sport to write up for a feature article in the July 4th holiday edition of the newspaper.  He discovered The Quoit Pits website and contacted the Quoit Master to see if the Pitching Dutchmen would be interested.   A large turnout of over 20 people helped put on a good show for the camera.  Below are some photos of our big event.   

For photos of the actual article that appeared in the July 4th edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, CLICK HERE

Before the night begins, the groundskeeper must prepare the pits!  Here, Troy "Clay Stolzfus" Frey is observed in his natural environment as he sops up some excess water on the clay from the previous night's watering.  Grunt!  It sure looks like hard work!

The photographer from the Philadelphia Inquirer observes the operation of the electronic scoring.  These scoreboards are actually made for basketball but work equally as well scoring quoit matches, and mount conveniently on the light pole with large Velcro straps.

The newspaper photographer snaps away as 

Rick Gantz chalks up a point for his team.

Troy Frey and Chris Lutz compete in the 

"Battle of the Bellies" match while the photographer 

sets up for his next shot.  The view from the rear is probably no more prettier for the shutter, I'm sure!

The pits are full as the Pitching Dutchmen start the serious pitching after the reporter and photographer are gone.  Everyone is wondering who will be the lucky ones to get their names or photos in the 

Philadelphia Inquirer article!

As the sun sets the lights come on, the camera shutter flies and the action begins.  Lights, Camera, Action - the perfect combination for a Quoit Night Out!

Greg Sollenberger pitches his quoit in fine form as 

Joshua Curtis watches it sail off towards the horizon.  

In the near pit, Josh Gantz is intently eying-up his intended target.

Belinda Mabry fires one toward the pin while Ed xxx, Josh Gantz, and Brad Kramer look on.

Megan Mabry was the youngest participant this evening, but wound up keeping pace with the veterans, pitching the brass rings close as the evening wore on. 

Jeff Weaver, with an injured right throwing arm, shows us just how well he can compete left-handed.  Not a bad switch-hitter, I'd say!  Brad Kramer takes a puff on his bug-chasing cigar as he waits for his turn. 

Kyle Mabry pitches against Josh Gantz on the far pits...

...while Jeff Weaver works the near pits.  Megan Mabry and Fred Rowe watch the incoming quoit as it dives for the clay.

The peanut gallery is always full of a few nuts - witness this scene with Chris lutz and Dave Callis wielding their "bug chasers" as Gene Shaiebly and Ken Wiggins relax between games.  

When the pits are full, there are other diversions available for the waiting players.  Here, Dave Philips watches Ed xxx play a game of English darts against Craig Greenholt in Troy's basement.  

Fred Rowe poses in a fine pitching stance.


What's so funny, Rick?  Something humorous 

has certainly gotten Rick Gantz's attention as 

Bob Baronek makes his first pitch.  

Dave Callis launches a quoit skyward as 

Craig Greenholt  watches it swing into a low orbit.

The beverage containers are starting to pile up on the refreshment table, so everyone must be having a good time!

Hey Ed, you're supposed to pitch with only ONE arm, buddy...!  Ed xxx appears to be directing the philharmonic orchestra hired for this evening's live musical entertainment!  Don't forget to play the 1812 overture for the Independance Holiday!


Here, The Good Ol' Boys show us younger pitchers how it's done!  Gene "Geney Butersnips" Shaiebly demonstrates his years of quoiting experience for the camera...

...and then Ken "Jonas Fisher" Wiggins follows suit.  

Love the Dutchman hat, Ken!

The most strenuous part of the game is having to dig a well-buried quoit out of the clay.  C'mon Rick, put some muscle into it!  Bob Baronek asks him if he needs a crowbar!

Rick Gantz pitches neck and neck with Troy Frey during their game.  Here Rick aims for the pin as Troy waits for his second pitch.

The Quoit Master models some of this 

quoit season's stylish new summer fashions -

seersucker and khaki.  

Troy hams it up once again for the camera, 

showing off his wonderful, most-excellent ringer!

Brad Kramer at full extension.  

Rick! Don't you know you're much too old 

to still be sucking your thumb?  

(Or someone else's, for that manner!)

Zach Kramer stretches on his tiptoes as he 

tallies the points on the electronic score board.  

He later realized he could slide the boards 

down the pole to reach them better!

Dave Philips relaxes on the deck and chats with 

a fellow ham on his 2-meter handie-talkie.  

"This is W3CWE, pullin' the big switch..."

There were 4 other ham radio operators 

at tonight's pitch - Troy N3LTP, Greg KB3EYR, 

Gene K3HMB, and Ken N2DYK.


After a long, hard night of quoit pitching, 

Gene Shaiebly catches a few extra winks 

at work in the company van the following day. 

The Quoit Master snapped this photo from the 

driver's seat as he chauffeured the tired pitcher 

from one service call to the next!