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The Ephrata East End Mart 

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The Quoit Pits Website's Featured Lancaster County Quoit Retailer:  

Ephrata East End Mart

711 East Main Street

Ephrata, PA 17522

(717) 733-4388

Standard American Quoits are available for purchase at many of the local hardware and dry goods stores in Lancaster County.  Some quoits are cast locally by Amish craftsmen, while many are made to order for area hardware stores at select metal foundries in the Lancaster area.


The Quoit Pits website recommends The East End Mart in Ephrata, PA for all of your quoiting needs.  Their store is situated right on Main Street on the "East End" of town, as their name aptly denotes. This hardware store is perhaps the only retail location in Lancaster County that keeps quoits well-stocked all year round.  They sell six varieties of Lancaster Style Quoits, offering a large selection of both 3 and 4 pound quoits in steel, brass, and bronze versions.  The store gladly accepts credit card orders for quoits over the telephone, and will ship your new quoit sets directly to you.  So, even if you live far outside Lancaster County, you can still easily purchase all the quoits you'll ever need, anytime of the year!


Steel Quoits are less costly than Brass and Bronze sets.  Due to the fluctuating cost of metals, pricing can vary on each batch of quoits that are made for the store. The cost for brass and bronze quoits especially has increased dramatically over the past few years. Exact pricing for each of the six different sets available can be obtained by calling or visiting the store.  Steel pins for your pits are also available for sale.  The top 4" of the pin are painted red for visibility.


IMPORTANT:  Before deciding on which kind of metal Quoits you wish to order, it is highly recommended that you   

CLICK HERE to thoroughly review the advantages and drawbacks for each type of metal used in these quoits.

When visiting or calling the store for your quoit purchases, please be sure to mention that you found their store on this website!


The East End Mart in Ephrata, PA is by far the largest dealer of Bronze, Brass, and Steel Quoits in Lancaster County.  The store is located on Route 322 (E. Main Street) in Ephrata, convenient to Route 222 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 

The East End Mart in Ephrata, PA

The sign outside the store identifies them as a favorite of quoiters everywhere!




The East End Mart has been in business since 1965, and as their sign at left indicates they specialize in paints, wallpaper products, ladders, and of course, most importantly, lots of Quoits.  Paul Burkholder, at right, is co-owner of the store, along with his three sisters. Paul is the quoit specialist at the store, making sure that an adequate supply of each style is kept on hand throughout the year. He can usually answer any questions you may have about the different sizes and compositions of the quoits and which choice may be best for you.

The store is usually well-stocked year-round with  both 3 pound and 4 pound quoits in bronze, brass, and steel.  In the photo at right, you can see some of their stock on display.  Steel quoits are stacked on the left and right sides of the shelf, brass ones in the middle, and a single stack of dark-colored bronze quoits sit on the floor, third  from right. Their display is located just inside their front door, right across from the cash register.  The store also offers pitching horseshoes made in brass or steel, with brass ones visible in the center of the photo.  But those of us who are avid quoiters are not overly interested in those kind of objects now, are we?!


Rhoda will be happy to ring up your quoit 

purchases with a friendly smile!

East End Mart will gladly accept credit card orders via the telephone, and will ship your quoits directly to you.  They have shipped a set of quoits as far away as Alaska!  The salespeople there have also met quite a few out-of-town quoit enthusiasts who have traveled a good distance to visit the store and purchase a set of quoits in person, after finding the store listed on this website.


Please be sure to tell them that you found their store through this website!


At left you can see four sets of their most popular quoits displayed at the cash register counter.  They also sell the steel pins for quoit boxes, and even some locally-made brass horseshoes, both visible just behind the quoits.

The store is conveniently located less than 5 miles south of the Reading / Lancaster Exit 21 (New Exit 286) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so anyone traveling across southern PA can easily make a quick side trip to pick up a set of quoits at the store!  Drive south on Route 222 four miles to the Ephrata Exit, then west 3/4 mile on Route 322. The store is on the left at the Bethany Road traffic light.  Just look for all the brightly-colored fiberglass ladders on display in front of the store, as shown in the photo near the top of this page.  For more detailed directions or information, please visit their website at:

The photo at right shows a close-up of the entire line of the East End Mart's retail quoit sets, with four pound quoits in the front row and three pound quoits in the second row. Each set of 4 quoits seen here is bundled together with packing tape and marked with the respective weight and composition. From left to right are the 3 types of metal quoits - steel, brass, and bronze. The Painted steel pins with sharpened tips seen at the top of the photo are specifically made for quoits and are sold in pairs.
There was ONE other quoit of very great interest that made a recent appearance at the East End Mart and was captured on digital film by The Quoit Master's camera.  Paul's son Matt Burkholder, who also works at the store, gave me a brief glimpse of a single, unique quoit he possesses - a 24K gold-plated 'B' quoit!  He had the quoit specially made as a curiosity piece.  It is highly polished and brilliant to behold, as these two photos above readily show.  Unfortunately, this quoit is a one-of-a-kind keepsake, and is NOT available at the store for sale or for duplication.  Sorry Folks!  Thanks goes out to Matt for allowing us all the opportunity to view his prize quoit here on The Quoit Pits website!
Other Stores Known to Sell Iron, Steel, Brass, or Bronze Quoits
Included below is a listing of other stores in the area which usually carry metal Quoits during the spring and summer months; availability of quoits at these locations can not be guaranteed by this website.  If anyone has knowledge of metal quoits being available for retail purchase in any other stores, whether inside OR outside of Lancaster County, please email me at with the information and I will add the store to the list.  Thanks!   - Troy Frey
Weaver's Store

1011 Dry Tavern Road, Fivepointville, PA

(717) 445-6791
Bomberger's Store

Route 501 North, Lititz, PA 17543

(717) 626-3333
Zimmerman's True Value

Hartman Bridge Road, Strasburg, PA

(717) 687-8695
Good's Store

333 W. Fourth Street, Quarryville, PA 17566

(717) 786-9028
Good's Store 

1338 Main St, Route 23, East Earl, PA 17519

(717) 354-4026
Good's Store Rte 501 North, Schaefferstown, PA 17088 (717) 949-2663
Earl F. Rebman Company

1775 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA

(717) 393-9025
Play it Again Sports 411 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 569-1400
Kern's Ace Hardware 450 Pequea Avenue, Route 10, Honeybrook, PA 19344 (610) 273-3724
Benner's Hardware 1229 West Broad Street, Quakertown, PA  18951 (215) 536-2311 HOME      BACK
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