"The Pitching Dutchmen's Quoit Night Out #6"
September 27, 2001
The Pitching Dutchmen were at it once again during Quoit Night Out #6, and even though it was the end of September, the evening air stayed comfortable enough for just sweatshirts and jeans. This was probably the last party for 2001, and the last party at this location, since I will be moving into a new house in just 6 weeks. This time around we had only 9 members attend, but we still had a great time.  We were having so much fun we didn't finish up on the pits until after midnight!   
The sun is already down as the early evening crowd gets the games under way.  From Left, Brad Kramer, Dave"Ezra Hochberger" Callis, Karl Scott, Greg "Ivan Zook" Sollenberger, and Ken "Jonas Fisher" Wiggins are working the pits.

Dick "Ira Bomberger" Parsons assumes his trademark stance on the 'Beer Shelf' as he relaxes with Brad Kramer, my next door neighbor.

 "Ira Bomberger" takes a turn while Brad Kramer consumes some of his liquid vitamins...


...and then, after replenishing his body fluids, tries to better "Ira's" pitch.


Greg" Ivan Zook" Sollenberger prepares to throw as Karl Scott ponders his most recent performance.  Troy "Mervin Weaver" Frey, who is behind the camera, quickly decides to get a different angle on the throw...



...and "Ivan" and Karl laugh as the cameraman performs a diving roll onto the grass in front of them, distracting their play.

Another new angle on the action: Way down below, "Ezra Hochberger" throws a quoit past the camera as Brad Kramer looks on.

Here is the worst aspect of pitching quoits -- drinking lots of beer and then trying to bend over far enough to pick up your quoits without falling over or passing out!  Reach down a little further there, Brad!


Another elevated shot of the competitors, Karl Scott and Ken "Jonas Fisher" Wiggins, who has just released his first pitch.


So THAT'S how all those overhead shots were taken! Troy 'Goodyear Blimp' Frey hovers over the action, using every angle he can think of to document the excitement. Gotta keep all those web photos entertaining!
"Ira Bomberger" chalks one up for his team on the pegboard.
"Jonas Fisher" tries to beat "Ezra Hochberger's" position in the clay.  "Ezra" sports a nice Manheim Central High School sweatshirt.  Go Barons!

Brad Kramer waits his turn on the pits, holding his now infamous one-quart mason jar mug filled with Keystone Light...

...while "Mervin Weaver" shows off his completely opposite tastes with something slightly "heavier", namely a pint of Guinness Stout served in a proper Guinness pint-glass.  Cheers!


One of many ringers made during the night, showing off the brand new set of Bell-Bronze Quoits that "Mervin Weaver" recently obtained.  These are the ultimate in quoits:  They do not rust like steel quoits, and they do not dent like Brass Quoits since they are  much harder than brass.   They also have a wonderfully loud ring to them, so all the neighbors will now enjoy the noise as much as the players!

Tim Meyer does an excellent impression of Romeo singing to his lovely Juliet on the balcony!  "Fear not, for I have come for you, my Love!"

Tim Meyer arcs on towards the camera, as Randy Flick watches.

Randy indicates that HE'S number one at quoit pitching!

"Mervin Weaver's" Ringer here is topped by Brad Kramer's Leaner.  Using House Rules (to make the game more interesting), this leaner would beat the ringer, scoring 5 points to the leaning team.  Normal play scores this as 3 points for the ringer.

"Jonas Fisher" dances in the spotlight!