Quoit Night Out #5
August 25, 2001
Tonight we had a change of venue, and travelled over to Kyle Mabry's house in Manheim to play on his pits.  This Quoit Night Out was also attended by a few neighbors who mostly were just spectating, but a few also tried their hand at the game, and seemed to enjoy it.  There were a total of 10 people in attendance tonight. Kyle supplied burgers and corn on the cob cooked on the barbeque, and bottles sparkling beverage were abundant, as they should always be for an entertaining evening of Quoits!  
The Peanut Gallery 

Rick Gantz had been consuming somewhat heavily before I even arrived with the camera, as evident by his accidental spill onto the tarmac that was forever immortalized on film!  Here he is holding a bottle of the official Lancaster Quoiting beverage, Yuengling Lager, and he made sure that he didn't spill a single drop on the way down! 


 Rick Gantz is up to bat and Belinda Mabry watches his feeble attempts at a ringer...


Such poise and grace as we have never seen!... Kyle Mabry heaves one skyward, as Crystal waits her turn.

Belinda Mabry is a natural quoit pitcher - notice how flat her quoit flies through the air.  Perfect!


Rick Gantz demonstrates his manliness by throwing against a GIRL!!

Rick makes it tough on Belinda as he places one right by the pin.

Kyle throws one wide right.

Belinda Mabry puts Rick to shame with her skill and expertise...

...As seen here, she puts them where they need to be!

Crystal launches one toward the other pit.

Close enough to measure!  Rick Gantz uses the finger rule to measure a two opposing quoits which appear equidistant from the pin.