"The Pitching Dutchmen's Quoit Night Out #3"
July 17, 2001
The first Pitching Dutchmen's Quoit night for 2001 was not held until July 17, because the weather was very cool in the evenings during May and June.  We had 12 participants for this event, and it was a co-ed event this time, with two women who threw just as good as the men.   Here are a few of the photos taken from that evening.  This was the first official outing for The Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club, so the members official club nicknames are used below. 
The evening competitions started at 7:00pm, still in daylight.  Here Greg "Ivan Zook" Sollenberger pitches the brass ring as Craig "Ezekiel Sensenig" Greenholt waits his turn.  Rick "Jakey Stoltzfus" Noll is waiting for his roll-on deodorant to dry, and Amy "Edna Smucker" Harding relaxes in the shade.

"Jakey Stoltzfus" throws barefoot for some strange reason.  This is the photo that was used as the template for the Amish quoit thrower seen in the Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club logo!


 "Ivan Zook" shows off his straight-legged follow-through, while Chris "Jay Martin" Lutz does his impression of the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man...


Some of the gang waits for their turn at the pits.  From left: Dick "Ira Bomberger" Parsons, "Jay Martin", "Ivan Zook", and "Jakey Stoltzfus", still waiting on that deodorant!

Amy "Edna Smucker" Harding is one of the female Quoiters in the PDQC club.  "Zekey Sensenig"  pitches against her.


Even the ladies can score those 3 pointers!  "Edna's" first ringer of the night lands dead-center on the pin.
Kyle Mabry launches a brass bagel skyward.
Kyle gets some leg action on his throw. "Jay Martin" holds the fence up wunst, as Belinda Mabry takes up the scorekeeper's position.

Belinda Mabry keeps score on the pegboard...

...But she is just as handy with a quoit, and is a very good pitcher.  In the background, "Ira Bomberger" shows off his trademark 'Mr. Relaxation' stance.

The second set of lighted pits is in the backyard of Brad Kramer, just on the other side of the fence from the pits of Troy "Mervin Weaver" Frey.  Here, "Jakey Stoltzfus" is in action.

Greg Sollenberger looks like a skater during a "Champions on Ice" routine.  Such grace and beauty!  

Brad Kramer shows "Jakey Stolzfus" the way to the other pit
These two pictures, above and below, show the best throwing sequence of the evening.  First, Fred Rowe pitched the two Leaners seen above during his turn. Then below, Dick Parson's second quoit nosed into the clay in front of the pin, flipped over, knocked away both Leaners, and leaned itself onto the pin for 2 points, taking away Fred's would-be 4 points!  Woo Hoo!

What's a competition without some spectators?  Erin Kramer and Megan Mabry watch the action on Brad Kramer's pits.

The Stay-Puff man now tries a Statue of Liberty impression.

It almost looks like Mike put a leaner on that beer can on the shelf!

Here's a good one - Brad Kramer puts a leaner on the pin at left, and Troy "Mervin Weaver" Frey tops it with a second leaner on the right!

"Ira Bomberger" takes a turn while Kyle Mabry watches the results.