Quoit Night Out #2

September 28, 2000

The Second "Quoit Night Out" was held at my home on Thursday, September 28, 2000, three weeks after the first "Quoit Night Out".  The party was an even greater success than the first, with 20 guests attending, including almost all of the people that were on hand for the first party.  To accommodate the larger crowd, the party was expanded to include not only my own pits for the competition, but also the quoit pits next door in Brad Kramer's yard as well.  I also had English darts setup in my back shed for those waiting on open pits.  19 games were able to be completed using the two sets of pits.  Too bad the weather was getting colder; I doubt there will be any more quoit parties until spring, once the weather begins to warm up again!


Unfortunately, the digital camera from work was not available for this event, as some other low-life employee had it with him on a 10 day vacation in North Carolina!  But I was able to arrange for Dave Richie and Joshua Curtis to bring their own digital cameras and snap a few pictures before darkness set in.  Only a handful of people arrived early enough before dark to get their mugs on film in these photos.


Chris Lutz is off to a good start in his first ever attempt at throwing quoits.  Here he scores a She-quoit Ringer to best both of Greg Sollenberger's quoits in an impressive grouping in the clay.

Greg Sollenberger tosses one past the light post. A new addition for this second party is Troy Frey's homemade pegboard mounted on the post for keeping score.  The "A" team's peg is red, 

and the "B" team's peg is black.



Greg moves the black peg upward as

his team begins to pull away from the

competition.  The "B" team won this

one with a final score of 22-12.


Troy Frey hams it up for the camera...


...then shows his form as he follows through on his second throw.


Here is a sequence of photos, left to right, with Greg Sollenberger showing how he pitches the brass ring...