The Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club
is Published in 
Diversion Magazine!

In January of 2002 I was contacted by Kathryn L. Drury, a writer for the Hurst Corporation in New York City.  She had discovered my website on the internet while doing research for an article about backyard games she was writing for Diversion magazine, a controlled-circulation publication distributed to office-based physicians which promotes travel, recreation and relaxation ideas.  She asked to interview me for a portion of her article covering Quoits, and I happily agreed.  The article was released in the June 2002 edition of the magazine, and portions of it are pictured below.  I think it is great to be able to get some national recognition for our club and especially for the Game of Quoits in general.  Any help in getting people to rediscover this very old game is greatly appreciated, and is the whole point of this website.  Many Thanks to Kathryn and everyone at Diversion magazine for their efforts!

The cover of the June 2002 edition lists "BackYard Games for Grownups" at the top of the list.  Unfortunately, it's not the 

featured article... we're second billing to some city-slicker 

cowboy wannabes!

Here is the intro page to the article, which covers 10 great backyard games, listed here in order of apearance:  Croquet, Boules, Backyard Golf, Badminton, Quoits, Paddleball, Lawn Chess, Bocce, Horseshoes, and Volleyball.  At least Quoits got higher billing than those lowly Horseshoes!

Pictured at left, Page 81 contains the section on Quoits.  It features an elevated photo of Dave "Ezra Hochberger" Callis pitching a quoit while Brad "Edam Smucker" Kramer waits his turn.  Interestingly, to uphold a good clean image for the magazine, the photo editor has "airbrushed out" all the beer bottles and mugs from the beer shelf on the fence behind Edam!  This is the FIRST TIME EVER that I have seen Brad without his trusty quart mason jar mug of beer nearby!  The original photo, complete with alcohol, can be found on the Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club pages here on this website, under "Quoit Night Out #6".  


Disappointingly, there is no mention of the Pitching Dutchman's website address in the article, so any one who reads it will not be able to find the wealth of information they need to install their own pits!  Perhaps the next time the PDQC gets published it might be in a feature article for Sport's Illustrated or ESPN Magazine.  Hey, it can't hurt to imagine SOME fame and fortune, can it?!


Here is a copy of the text about Quoits in the article, as seen in the photo at left:



Quoits has been enjoyed for centuries in England, Scotland, and Wales - and is not for wimps.  Players hurl four-pound metal rings toward a stake.  "Quoits is a great game for smaller backyards because it doesn't take up a lot of space.  It is also a suprisingly good workout," says Troy Frey, a quoits expert and member of The Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club.  Quoits sets run from about $32 (for steel rings) to $60 (brass or bronze), and the best place to buy them is Amish country, where local foundries still make them. Contact the Ephrata East End Mart at 717/733-4388.