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In December of 2001, The Colonial Quoit Club in Hamilton, New Jersey was featured on the "I Beat Pete!' sports segment of a local Comcast SportsNet news show.  The weekly segment is hosted by sports personality Pete Christie.  Local sporting enthusiasts are challenged to "Beat Pete" at whatever sport they are involved in.  Nick Lukasewycz and his brother Vic paired up against Pete Christie and Mark Prekop, the club's League MVP.  Nick and Vic were the eventual winners of the match, "Beating" Pete and his partner 21-10.  Unfortunately, Pete was not familiar with pitching quoits and was therefore not a real big asset to his team, as Mark carried him most of the time!  Better luck next time, Pete! 

Here is the complete 3 minute video of the Television broadcast, in both Windows Media and Mpeg formats.  

Video has been reduced to 150x100 pixels for quicker downloading.

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Below are a few photo excerpts from the "I Beat Pete!" broadcast, 

for those who can't readily download large files... 


Comcast SportsNet in New Jersey.

I Beat Pete!  (That's usually the end result anyway!)

Nick and the club in the spotlight.

Pete Christie in action.

Trenton Style Quoits in the clay.

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