Joey Ruyak's Sward (Lawn) Quoits

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Joey Ruyak was the host of a small quoit tournament at his home on Saturday, June 12, 2004.   For this tournament, he installed 8 pairs of hobs in his back yard, but he did not set them in clay pits or even in defined dirt pits; instead, Joey drove the steel pins directly into the grass.  The formal English name for this style of  quoits, when played on a grassy lawn, is  "Sward Quoits."  It turned out that the grass actually benefited game play, because it helped hold the moisture of the early-morning dew in the ground and kept the soil soft and pliable.   As the games progressed through the day, the heavy quoits chopped up the sod and mixed it with the soil underneath, forming soft "pits" of grass and dirt around each hob that  played very similar to clay in both consistency and action.  Twenty eight players participated in the tournament.  To make the competition a little more interesting, everyone drew numbers from a hat to determine fourteen teams of random partners.  This way, everyone had an equal chance of getting paired with a '"good" partner - or perhaps not...!
Photos from Jimmy Ruyak's 2004 "Sward Quoits" Tournament

The sun was shining bright but was still low in the sky

as the teams gathered in the backyard,

awaiting the start of the tournament.

Michelle Kelly sets the pace for the day as she warms-up

in the wet grass before the start of the tournament.


Newcomer Bob Alig is instructed by Willie Wandress

on the proper way to pitch a quoit...

With his new-found pitching skills, Bob practices

his pitching between rounds on an available pit.


 Jere Reitmeyer watches Jimmy Ruyak pitch, while Dave Confino crosses his fingers behind his back, hoping his partner tosses a ringer this time....

Dave Confino tosses back to the other pit against Frank Stamin, Jere Reitmeyer's partner.  Notice how nicely the quoits are sticking in the soft sod.


Vic Edwards cleans mud off his his quoits as

Denise Confino launches hers high into the air.

Double-Ringers are not all that uncommon in this

neck of the woods...Chalk up six points for White!


John Gauger and Michelle Kelly watch

Bill "Bowlhead" Trikoski as he

measures two close quoits with dividers.

"Bowl" carefully works the dividers between

the quoit and the hob to make the critical call


Randy Kelly and Joey Ruyak hunker down in the pit.

Willie Wandress computes the final point scores for

each team to determine which teams will

continue into the playoffs. 


Bob Gorman arches a quoit over his partner's head.

John Gauger pitches against Dave Confino.


Joey and Jimmy Ruyak watch xxx take his turn.

Jimmy Ruyak in action.


Bob Gorman is intent on scoring some points while Frank Stamin watches for the results.  Randy Kelly and Tim VanHorn warm-up in the background.

Frank tries to better Bob's last quoit as Bowlhead

and Jere Reitmeyer guard the pit.


Bowl and Jere lift a few weights

during an afternoon work-out session.

Willie Wandress keeps an eye on the score sheet

during the playoffs, mentally calculating if he still

has a chance at some of that prize money!


The tournament was eventually won by the team of Jere Reitmeyer and Frank Stamin.

In reference to the phenomenal 39 ringers he pitched in just 13 games on the day,

Jere Reitmeyer tried to give some tactful, moral support to his partner:

  "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have thrown all those ringers!" HOME      BACK
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