Pottstown Quoit Club
Fall Tournament
September 29, 2002
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On the same day as the Pottstown Fall Classic tournament, another quoiting event was being held only a few miles away at the Pottstown Quoit Club.  This popular social club, with over 1000 members, bills itself as the largest Quoit club in the United States. The club has four sets of quoit pits directly across the street from an impressive club building, with a bar, pool table, rear-projection TV, and very large social hall inside.  I was Invited to attend the event by George Satko, a member of the club who was participating in the day's event.  


The weather was sunny and clear, and the competition was hot and heavy... 



The Pottstown Quoit Club's social hall is a very 

attractive building with well-kept landscaping.

The quoit grounds across the street from the club include 4 sets of clay pits, park bench seating, and lots of cool shade.

George Satko pitches as Terry Deputy awaits his turn.

Some players prefer standing IN the pit to pitch  rather than next to it. "Cracky" Koval  sends one through the air as opponent Jackie Baird looks on.

Terry Deputy shows his form.

The quoits that are used at the quoit club are of an unusual design, with a hollowed out underside.  The weight of these quoits seems to be about 2 1/2 pounds.

With the gracefulness and agility of a ballerina, 

Billy "Bowlhead" Tricoski performs a perfect arabesque for the crowd!  Such grace and agility as this is not seen very often in these pits!

Dave Homsher wears a brilliantly colored t-shirt in an attempt to distract his opponents and break their concentration.  He didn't tell us whether his strategy actually worked or not!

Between games, the clay must always be tamped flat.  

Here, Bruce Ludwig (foreground) and Joe ??? 

prepare the pits for the next round.

Inside the club, the scoring sheets are laid out on the pool table, which has been covered over to make a large score-keeping area.  Billy poses here with Ray Staska, who is keeping track of the scores.

The tournament scorecard is laminated so it can be wiped clean and reused for the next tournament.  Note the writing at bottom which states the winners enter the scores while the losers get to tamp, tamp, tamp! 

There was plenty of food laid out on the buffet tables for all the contestants.  The sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions were especially good!

Meanwhile, back at the pits, Joe Kocon does tamping duty as Smitty and Duffy Brauner score their teammate's quoits.

Action on the two north-south pits feature, from left, Bob ???, Duffy Brauner (pitching), Mitch Geri, and Carl Simmers.

Looks like 4 points for red!  The black she-quoit does not count towards scoring, so it does not cancel out the second red quoit.

Paul "Wiskey" Reiff pitches as Jack Wadsworth walks up toward the line. 

The quoit grounds are also surrounded by attractive landscaping, giving the area a park-like atmosphere.  Sure looks like a nice place for pitching quoits, doesn't it?!

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