The Texas-New Jersey Quoit Tournament
Pittstown, NJ  vs.  Bedford, Texas
Tom and George Eckert

Tom: These Pictures are from a tournament we play once a year in Bedford, Texas. My brother re-located there in 1977. We used to play every Wednesday and Saturday from April thru November here in New Jersey. We have detailed records of games played from that time. Our original set of quoits belonged to our grandfather and as best we can guess are from around 1930. We still have them today two are cracked and one broke.

The picture with the five quoit players are myself (left) my brother and the three other guys from NJ.

George:  I live in Bedford, Texas about 25 miles west of Dallas. Last night my brother called and told me about your web-site, he lives in Pittstown, N.J. about 12 miles east of the Pa/NJ border on route 78. My Dad and my grandfather used to play quoits back in the '30s at the Jersey shore. I have a picture of them playing from 1931. In 1969 after I got out of the service, my dad and some friends of mine decided to drag out the quoits and play a game. That started some serious quoit playing every year thru 1977, the year I moved to Texas. I kept stats of all the games and even included the amount of beer we drank during the day hours as opposed to night games. We played every Sat afternoon and Wed night from the first Saturday in April until November when the weather got too cold to hold the quoits. I am still using weights from my dad. They are much smaller and lighter due to all the wear and tear. We wondered what we would do when the quoits broke as some have. It is good to know they can still be found. 


Since coming to Texas, I have introduced the game to my buddies here.  For the last four years, my brother and 3 other buddies come to Texas each October for The Texas-New Jersey Quoit Tournament. Needless to say, the Jersey team wins each year, but a great time is had by all.


The rules you play by are similar to ours. The distance between the pegs (hobs) is 28'. The pegs are about 8" from ground level, making it much more difficult to throw ringers. We score 5 points for a ringer, 3 for a leaner and 1 for each point. We do not have a must win by 2 point rule. 11-0 is a shut-out (whitewash). We don't have a box, just good old back yard dirt. We score points within 36" of the pegs except for dead-weights (she weights). Beer drinking and cigar smoking is encouraged. One player drinks martini's, but we let him play anyway.