The Colonial Quoit Club
Hamilton Township, New Jersey

The Colonial Quoit Club is a private quoiting club in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, located just outside of Trenton. It was formed in May 2000 by neighbors Nick Lukasewycz and Mark Prekop. Running from mid May to mid September, it is a regular Friday evening event with 30 members. Guests are welcome and can participate for a $5.00 donation. The club has some of the best-maintained surfaces in the area, and plays within an intimate back yard setting. Matches run from 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. every Friday evening. It is a mixed club with both men and women competing. Statistics are kept and recorded on the club website. The top 12 players qualify for the club championship in September. The season culminates with the CQC picnic in late September, boasting one of the finest food buffets around!


The Colonial Quoit Club uses Trenton-Style quoits which are very common in areas surrounding the Capital city of New Jersey.  These Quoits are 2 1/2 pounds in weight but much larger in diameter than the 3 or 4 pound quoits used in Pennsylvania.  The center hole in these quoits is about the diameter of an entire Pennsylvania-Style quoit.  But, Quoits is quoits, and this game has it's own interesting rules and scoring variations which differ somewhat from the Pennsylvania game.  You can find the rules and some humorous terminology used in their version of the game on the Colonial Quoit Club Website at  


Nick Lukasewycz demonstrates the proper form when pitching Trenton-style quoits.  I think his shirt ought to say "Quoit Dreams" so that he would be more appropriately attired!

An inverted double-ringer on the pin.  The upside-down 

quoits are in fact legal and are a result of sticking the quoits
against the front of the hub and having them flip over onto the pin. The scoring in Jersey quoits is similar to the European versions of the game - Ringers are worth only two points, and leaners one point.

Here, Red is awarded 4 points, unless Black tops both ringers 

with a ringer of their own with their second quoit.


Harry Hampton Sr. assists Paula Baum in keeping  track of 

the scores and statistics at the 2002 Championship Tournament.


This motley crew is checking the stats and quenching their thirsts

during a break between games.  Seated from left is 

Nick Lukasewycz, Harry Hampton Sr., and Mark Prekop.  

In the back row are Vic L., Chuck B., and Dan Powers.



The club has created new T-shirts for the 2003 season.  

Check out their website for ordering information.


Also available for purchase are these very nicely embroidered 

club logo quoiting caps.



The Colonial Quoit Club wraps-up the evening by posing for a group photo.  

About a third of their 30 club members appear here in this line-up for the camera.