The 724 Invitational

16th Annual Spring Fling

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Karl Smith was host once again for the annual Spring Fling, at his home along Route 724 in East Coventry Township, just outside of Pottstown, PA.  This Invitational, now in it's 16th year, is held on 10 sets of dirt pits in Karl's front yard,  and overlooks the Limerick Nuclear Power Station and it's two huge cooling towers less than a mile to the north.  This tournament is now limited to a maximum of 30 teams due to space limitations, with a full compliment of teams attending this year.  The weather this time around was picture perfect - Sunny and warm, with temperatures climbing to almost 80 degrees by afternoon. Below are some snapshots of the event - or mostly, of some of the sideline antics - taken by Willie Wandress and George Satko, our two newest, professional Rent-A-Photographer extraordinaires...!  

Snapshots from the 724 Invitational's 16th Annual "Spring Fling"

The view of the quoit pit area in Karl's yard, as the 

16th Annual Spring Fling gets underway.

Looks like a beautiful day for pitching!  What with all the warmth radiating from both the sun AND the nuclear power plant(!), along with all the BS coming from the players, there seems to be plenty of "Hot Air" to go around...!

The Dirty White Boys (No doubt about it, they really DO look a tad white in this photo, and Yes, their shorts ARE awfully dirty with mud from the pits) bask in the early Spring Sunshine.  SPF 30 today, Boys!

"Look at Me, Mommy, Look at me!!"

Scott Koval holds up a copy of the April 2005 edition of Nouveau Magazine, which published a story on backyard games, including Quoits.  The left-hand photo shows Scott pitching in a Pottstown Quoit Club tournament.  The photo at top right is from the USQA World Championship, and the photo below compares a Horseshoe to a Quoit. 

Fauls and Fine make sure the pits stay 

cool and dry during their match...

Fauls,  Reppert, and Jenkins hang loose in the Visitor's dugout. The Home team dugout is visible in the background - now that's what I call a "lean-to!"!

Jamie Henley, Larry Farman, and John Reppert 

all take a break between rounds, while some crazy, 

unidentified Streaker Dude runs up behind them...

"Don't Look, Ethel!"

Jerry Reitmeyer and Josh...uh...vegetate.

Big Dog whispers Sweet Nothings into Troy Frey's ear:

"You're gonna lose... You're gonna lose...!"

Troy says "What? Me Worry?"

Karl Smith lofts his quoit into the blue sky as Troy Frey 

prepares to follow his lead on the near pit.  Meanwhile, 

Big Dog uses a pair of welder's glasses to shield his eyes from the sight of Troy's "better side..."

Mexican Migrant Farm Workers 

Willie Wandress squints as he grabs some 

cool Shades to help fend-off the nasty 

glare of the afternoon sun.

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me...Michelle Kelly contemplates her performance during her last game.

A typical PennDOT Crew Workin' in the trenches

Tim begs Ken Kaas - "Aaah!   I'm blinded!  I can't see!  

Put that dang shirt back on, Kenny!  That's harder on the eyes than drinkin' Grain Alcohol straight!"

Later on, Ken Kaas unsuccessfully tries to 

find a ride home from the tournament... HOME      BACK
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