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It was only natural that bad weather should strike the 15th annual Spring Fling of 2004 - The planned tournament date was changed from it's usual slot on the first Sunday after Easter, and moved to the following Sunday, April 25th. The past few tournaments all fell on days with beautiful Spring weather, so the change of date harkened of a possible bad omen. True to form, the "Quoitless" Sunday of the 18th was hot, sunny, and 85 degrees. On the 25th, the weather had drastically changed to temperatures in the 40's with 15 mile winds and a threat of rain later towards evening.  And, contrary to the weather reports, rain unexpectedly arrived around 10 am and continued to fall steadily for over two hours.  Visions of last year's USQA World Quoit Championship "Mud Fest" began to filter through the minds of some of the players as the rain began, and a few teams who had endured the monsoons at the 2003 World Championship even bailed out and went home, forfeiting their matches.  But, the majority persisted, and continued to pitch in the slimy mud with slimy shoes and slimy hands and slimy quoits that didn't go where they were wanted to go.  Fortunately, shortly after Noon the rains stopped, and the pits dried to perfection with the help of some fresh soil from the spare-dirt pile, which had been covered during the rain.  The tournament finished around 6:30 pm without any further harassment from Mother Nature. 
45 teams played on 15 sets of dirt pits this year, a major expansion from the usual 30 teams and 10 sets of pits in past years.  6 extra sets of pits were added in the cornfield next to the existing pits to accommodate the expanded field of players.  The playoffs were very exciting as usual, with some interesting twists.  The Number 1 seeded Dirty White Boys were unexpectedly eliminated in the first round of the playoffs 21-18, by the Number 32 seed team of Troy Frey and Eric Zettle, who just squeaked into the playoffs with a 4 and 6 record in pool play.  In the Semifinals, Willie Wandress and Jerry Reitmeyer of The Ringlords took on and defeated last year's USQA World Quoit Champions, The Master Quoiters Mark Snoberger and Ben Bernard, dueling to an extremely tough 21-18 finish.  In the Finals, The Ringlords faced the team of Mike Neiman and Carl Righter, and again won in a very tight finish, 22-20.  Thanks goes out to all of those who stuck out the wet weather and helped make the event another big success!

The Spring Fling is held in East Coventry Township 

along Route 724, just a short distance from the 

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant

The participants of the 15th annual Pottstown Spring Fling gather for pre-tournament instructions from 

Ken Kaas (center, standing on cooler)

The tournament begins with cool but sunny weather.  

Ben Bernard pitches in the first round of pool play 

against xxx xxx in Pit #1.  

On the other side of the pits, Ben's partner Mark Snoberger pitches against xxx xxx.  All 15 pits were 

lined up in one straight line and continued into the cornfield seen in the background.

The six extra pits added this year were located in a fallow cornfield adjacent to the existing pits in 

Karl Smith's backyard.  

At right, Scott Koval releases his 2nd quoit as Karl Smith (left) concentrates in preparation for his first pitch against xxx xxx.  Each year Karl hosts both a Spring and a Fall tournament on his property. 

xxx xxx launches her quoit skyward as 

xxx xx waits his turn.  The cooling towers of the

Limerick nuclear plant are visible in the background. 

Mike Weaber is about to put one right on the pin!

Randy Kelly zeros in on the pin while 

pitching against xxx xxx

The sun was soon covered by clouds in mid-morning, and it began to rain steadily.  Here, xxx xxx does his best at pitching while wearing a poncho to stay dry.

The rains come down and the hoods are up 

as xxx xxx prepares to throw 

against xxx xxx.  

At least SOME people came prepared for the weather!

The Dirty White Boys take a break between matches in the rain.  xxx xxx looks quite fashionable modeling a two-layer umbrella as  xxx xxx sports a head-mounted umbrella hat that should probably become standardized rain gear at all of these wet USQA events!

Many players were sporting trendy "Platform Shoes" 

while pitching in the rain-soaked pits.

The scoring sheets began to get too wet to write on, and were moved out of the weather as much as possible. Here, teams score their results under a hastily built canopy off the back of a pickup.

Ken Kass, somewhat muddied from play 

in the rain, pitches a second point against 

his opponent xxx xxx in Pit 8.

Meanwhile, on Pit 7, xxx xxx leans over to 

get a clear view of his opponent's final quoit, as

xx xxx tries to take the score.


5 members of  the Cornwall Quentin Quoit Club attended the tournament - from left, Troy Frey, Mike Weaber, Mark Snoberger, Walt Brubaker, and Ben Bernard.


George Satko prepares himself for his next 

match with a sampling (or two!) of his favorite 

"World's Finest Vodka."

He says it helps give him a "lift" over the competition!


The pits were dry and in fine shape by the time the Playoffs started.  In the quarterfinals, Michelle Kelly tosses her quoit while Mike Neiman waits his turn

Mark Snoberger makes it look easy as he 

effortlessly sends his quoit toward the pin.

In the semi-finals, Masterquoiter Ben Bernard shoots against Ringlord Jerry Reitmeyer...

...and in the opposite pit, Willie Wandress takes on Mark Snoberger.  The Ringlords won, 21-18.

Carl Righter lofts one toward the pin against 

Willie Wandress in the Finals... 

...and in the opposing pit, Mike Neiman

 shows us his form against Jerry Reitmeyer 

The final four quoits of the tournament were all tight to the pin, but the black "B" quoits of The Ringlords were both closer, taking two points and the win.  The order of  pitched quoits for this throw was counterclockwise, A-B-A-B, starting with the lower right "A" quoit stuck in the clay. 

Runner's up team of Carl Righter and Mike Neiman 

almost pulled off the upset, but had to settle for 

the 2nd place prize of $$$. 

And the 2004 Winners are: The Ringlords!

Jerry Reitmeyer and Willie Wandress will share 

the $400 First Prize cash payout. HOME      BACK
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