The Pottstown PA 
13th Annual Fall Classic 
September 29, 2002
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A very large "field" of contestants pitch quoits at Karl Smith's home, in the shadow of the Limerick Nuclear Power Station near Pottstown, PA.  Perhaps radiation fallout is responsible for the expert play I observed all day!

The Quoit Master traveled to Pottstown, Pennsylvania on Sunday, September 29th to attend a very large Quoit tournament that is held twice a year just outside the city.  This tournament is hosted by Karl Smith at his home along Route 724, and is organized by Ken Kaas. For the past 13 years, on the first Sunday after Easter and the Last Sunday in September, up to 30 teams compete for cash prizes totaling $1000. The pot is split among the top 8 teams that finish in the playoffs, with the first place team receiving $300 - making it well worth your while to spend an entire day throwing metal donuts at little stakes in the ground!  


Karl Smith has a large yard in which he has setup 10 sets of quoit pits, all lined up in a row. These pits are not regulation clay pits in wood boxes, but are rather just bare areas in the grass where the pins are set directly in the dirt.  It is still quite impressive to see that many pits lined up across the yard,  and playing in dirt 

requires a completely different style of pitching to be successful.  The quoits do not stick into the ground nearly as easily as in soft clay, so the quoits must be thrown more flat to avoid excessive bouncing and rolling.  




The weather this day couldn't have been any better for pitching, as the photos on this page show.  Due to a second Quoit tournament being held a few miles away, and a Sunday Afternoon Philadelphia Eagles NFL game, attendance was somewhat lower than usual, with only 24 teams using 8 of the available pits.  This resulted in a smaller cash pool that was awarded to only the top 4 finishing teams. 


Willie Wandress (perhaps a VERY distant relation of the Willie of Wonka fame) uses the pin to keep his balance!

Ken Kaas demonstrates how his well-rounded abdomen in no way hinders his performance on the pits!  And, except for lack of a pipe in his mouth, his Popeye impression ain't bad neither - uck uck uck uck...!

One of at least 6 occurrences of double ringers I saw while watching the games being played.  It is quite common here to see these double ringers, which score 6 points for the pitcher.  Some of these players are capable of pitching up to 25 ringers in a 10 game series, so you had better practice well before challenging them!!

The playoffs begin mid-afternoon with the top 16 seeded teams from the regulation play.  The sun has become rather hot, so many of the players begin to shed their shirts to keep cool and work on their last tans of the year.  

As the sun sinks low into the sky and the shadows grow longer, the tournament finally ends, and the top teams congratulate each other for a job well done!  

And the winning team this Fall is... The Ringlords!

xxx xxx (center, holding microphone) and teammate Willie Wandres strike a winning pose as the "losers" dejectedly look on!

The two teams that pitched the finals line up for the camera.  from left, runners-up xxx xxx and xxx xxx, and winners Willie Wandres and xxx xxx.  Ok, guys, you can put your shirts back on now - we're seeing way too much skin here in public!

What a motley crew we have here!  The day is not complete without the necessary group photo of the event!

Cheers, everyone!