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Rubber Beach Quoits are a favorite pastime along the sandy beaches of New Jersey during the summertime.  They are easy to pack with you on vacation because of their light weight, and the stakes are very easy to setup in the soft sand.  Below are dealers who are suppliers of red rubber Beach Quoits; most also sell the heavier black rubber Slate Board Quoits.  All prices listed here were current as of 2004, but be sure to contact the dealers for up-to-date pricing before ordering.
Shappy's Rubber Quoits   Bangor, PA


"Shappy's Rubber Quoits"

5449 Depues Road

Bangor, Pa. 18013


Ph: 610-498-3934,
Fax: 610-498-2189





Shappy's is located in Bangor, PA, about 10 miles north of Easton. They sell two styles of Quoits - red rubber Beach Quoits, with optional painted wooden stakes, and black rubber League Quoits, for pitching with slate boards.  


The "Red Beach Quoits" dimensions are: 5  1/4 inches wide, inside hole 3 inches, height 5/8 inches, weight 8 ounces each.  The red quoits are semi flexible rubber and cost $22.00 per set of (4).(add $5.50 shipping and handling) If you wish to include the wooden stakes the cost is $30.00 per set. (add $7.50 shipping and handling)


The "Black League Quoits" are a little stiffer rubber and twice as heavy. The dimensions are:  5  1/2 inches wide, inside hole 3 inches, height 3/4 inches, weight 16 ounces each. The cost for a set of (4) "Black League Quoits" is $40.00 (add $6.50 shipping and handling)


All sales made in Pennsylvania are subject to 6% sales tax.


Specify which sets you are ordering, and make checks or money orders payable to "Shappy's Rubber Quoits."  Include your e-mail address and we will e-mail you the Delivery Confirmation Receipt to track your order. (Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt of your check)     Visa or Mastercard accepted.


Throw yourself some fun!

Quoits Direct     Easton, PA


Quoits Direct 

Easton, PA


QuoitsDirect sells sets of 4 red rubber beach quoits and 2 wooden stakes. Many people have been lugging their quoit boards to the beach. Now you do not have to!


Dimensions (Each Quoit):


5 1/4 " outside diameter 

2 7/8 " inside diameter

8 oz  weight


$41.00 per set plus shipping


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